Meet the team

Unmatched Experience

With a senior management team that has worked together for over 20 years, Wermers provides its clients unmatched experience in multi-family construction. Just as every project is built on a strong foundation, so too is the leadership at Wermers. The qualities of hard work and integrity established by James J. Wermers have been handed down to his son, Tom Wermers, who oversees the company today.

Executive Team

Tom Wermers


Tom Wermers is Chief Executive Officer and owner of the Wermers group of companies. A seasoned real estate executive and entrepreneur, Tom has been responsible for the construction of approximately 30,000 apartment units in California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. Wermers primary focus is on large, wood-frame multi-family apartments, renovations, hotels and professional cost estimating. Wermers produces well over $100 million in annual revenues and continues to grow each year. In 2005, Tom founded Wermers Properties, a real estate development company which currently has over 6,000 units under development. He serves as President and oversees land purchase, joint venture opportunities, entitlements, and all aspects of the day to day business.

Jeff Bunker


Jeff Bunker is responsible for leading Wermers day to day field operations, tactical corporate planning, team development, and budgeting. Mr. Bunker joined Wermers in 1992 as an assistant superintendent and progressed through the ranks to become the company’s first non-family President. During his 25 year career, Mr. Bunker has completed 10, 500 new units including schools, churches, police stations and a vast number of multi-family projects. He has spearheaded over 100 multi-family projects which include 10 underground parking structures throughout California and the Southwest. In 2008, Mr. Bunker successfully launched Wermers Troubled Assets Division, which has already helped lenders turn around troubled projects in San Diego, Orange County and the Bay Area.